Having been a player in the consumer loan market for over 6 years we understand how important anonymity, confidentiality and reliability are to our customers. Therefore, for VIASMS trust is not a matter of choice, but rather a matter of its being.


VIASMS knows the nature of the need for its services. In many, if not most situations taking a consumer loan is a result of either a financial or personal emergency and time is of the essence. VIASMS knows this and delivers one of the fastest services available on the market.


The most important asset. With years of operation, mistakes and challenges under the belt VIASMS is now able to offer the products and services that it has both responsibly and smart.


Our mission is to set the standard and be the example for consumer lending. It dictates how the Group and its daughter companies operate:

  • Deliver transparency
  • Bring the positive change
  • Deliver the innovation


Since the founding of VIA SMS Group in 2008 the firm has expanded to 6 markets offering a wide selection of financial products. Fast credit decisions, credit risk and affordability are made possible with custom built CRM, CMS and decision engine systems. Besides consumer loans and progressive technology the VIA SMS brands strive to offer the best customer service available on their respective operational markets.